18 March 2009

Sabri Nihari

Tonight we were invited for dinner and a massive playdate at Koji's classmate Saho's house. She and her family are moving away next week, so this was our last chance to visit with them in their home. Sniff! We will miss them! As for dinner, I contributed this beet salad. I also made this chocolate and matcha bundt cake and I am so disappointed that my camera battery went dead and I wasn't able to take a picture of it! It was my first foray into baking with matcha, though I've had intentions in that department for years...and I know it's been years since the packet of powdered matcha that I dug out of the pantry had supposedly expired in 2002... mwah ha ha, I used it anyway because it hadn't been opened. Anyway, what kind of germs would want to mess with matcha?!

Here are the kids doing dinner. They had pizza. If you are astounded at the number of kids pictured, well, I told you this was a MASSIVE playdate!

Getting to the point, here is the Indian (Pakistani?) food that we ordered from Sabri Nihari on Devon. After all these years, I haven't once gone down to Devon to eat even though I quite like Indian food. So when the friend in charge of ordering asked me for a recommendation, I had to scramble a bit. I read around on Yelp, and many people seemed to have good things to say about this place. More importantly, one of my mom friends from Koji's school is married to an Indian man, and she recommended it too. Picking the place wasn't as much of an ordeal as figuring out what to order though: the so-called on-line menu portion of the restaurant's website is blank. So I cobbled together ideas from the reviews on yelp and came up with the following:
*chicken makhani (butter chicken)
*frontier gosht (chicken and jalapeno curry--fiery but delicious!)
*chicken biryani
*sabri nihari (beef stew like curry)
*palak paneer (spinach and cheese curry)
*garlic naan

As is my trend lately, I ordered too much. But you can see that these ladies didn't mind. Thanks very much to Maki-san for getting us together at her place one last time!

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