21 March 2009

Thai Sook Dee

Our lovely, generous and suprisingly energetic for just having a baby three weeks ago friend and houseguest Jenny was so kind as to buy us dinner from Thai Sookdee tonight. Good timing, since I was both uninspired and unenergetic after our late night shenanigans the evening before! Maybe driving through Mickey D's for hot chocolate doesn't count as "shenanigans" to you, but I bet you're not almost 37 weeks pregnant?! See!

In any case, we had
*shumai for everyone
*pad thai for Jenny and Katie
(try not to faint, I know how shocking that is) with
*strawberry smoothies
*massaman curry for Aogu
(same sentiment as above)
*mango strawberry smoothie
*eggplant kaprao with shrimp for me
*chicken wonton soup for me
*mango smoothie for the kids who also had
*curry and rice made by me
; I had made a giant pot the day before to hold us over the weekend and I was too cheap to order them something from the restaurant, not knowing if they'd eat it.

Everything was delicious! Thanks very much for dinner, Jen!

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