17 March 2009

Present for Samantha

My friend Michelle's baby Samantha is one week old today, and I got to celebrate with her. Well, I got to meet her and hold her, which felt like a celebration. I didn't feel quite as happy as I think I will when Baby Spice shows up, but almost. Note all my fancy green eyeshadow. Um, it is St. Patrick's Day. I'm sure this is how the Saint himself would have me mark the day. If you don't know what St. Patrick's Day is about, you should definitely watch Lufti's Fanciful Flannelgraph. Speaking of green, this is what I made for Michelle and Terry, and thus vicariously, for Samantha:

It's a spinach phyllo tart. And it is tasty, if I do say so. You thought I made it for my friends? Well, I did, but I cleverly made one for myself as well, and it turns out, for Izumi. I served the kids leftover pepperoni spaghetti for dinner but when I sat next to Izumi with this on my plate, she couldn't get enough! What a good, er, green, girl!

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clc said...

looks yummy. i'm glad you included the recipe. and i agree about lufti. we watched it after dinner as it made for a nice ending to a very green day.