22 March 2009

Whopper Ice Cream with a Side of Mac and Cheese

As you may have deduced, Jenny likes malt. I wanted to treat her while she was here, and I also wanted to provide dessert for the friends we invited here today to see her.

So I made this
*malted milk Whopper ice cream. It went over very well and of course I forgot to take a picture of it until it was down to the last few licks in the bottom of the utterly misleading lowfat cottage cheese container.

I'm a little amused, yet dismayed that since my energy was consumed by the ice cream making, I decided it would be OK to serve it with brownies from a box. Still trying to decide if I was really fine with that, but I'll never know because box or not, the brownies are gone now!

Following my recent trend of tiring myself out too much to make dinner, tonight we had
*K*raft macaroni and cheese with peas, broccoli and ham stirred in

It was almost as awesome as the ice cream. Almost.

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